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Our running hours of operation are Monday -Sunday from 8am -8pm.

However, Laurel Beauty LLC is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


All clients are required to book an appointment using our online booking portal prior to arriving at our facility. Without a scheduled appointment, we will not be available to provide services. Please visit our Services Page to schedule an appointment with us.

At Laurel Beauty LLC, we are dedicated to the overall health and wellness of every client.

To view a detailed description of any service, click on a service from the Services Page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of our services.

All of our services may be booked through our online booking portal, which is accessed by visiting our Services Page, selecting a service, and then clicking on the 'Book Now' button located on that individual service's page.

Prior to booking an appointment, it is required to create an online account with us.

Most of our services require a non-refundable deposit to reserve an appointment. The deposit amount is listed on each service's individual page. We accept deposits in the form of a credit or debit card, Apple Pay or PayPal.

The remaining balance of the service charge is due in person on arrival prior to the service initiation. Upon arrival, we accept payment in the following forms:

  •Credit/Debit Card      • PayPal     •Apple Pay     •Cash

We DO NOT accept payment in any other form, such as checks or money orders.

Please contact us with any questions concerning accepted forms of payment.

Please use your phone's camera to take a CLEAR picture of the front of your non-expired State-issued Drivers License.


If you are using a desktop/laptop to create your account: using your phone, send an email to yourself containing the photo of your ID. Then, using your computer, open your email and download your photo.

If you are using a phone/tablet to create your account: please proceed to the next step below after you have taken your photo.

When you receive your e-sign contract, you will see a section requesting a photo of your ID with an 'Upload' button. You will use this button to upload the photo of the front of your Drivers License. Click the 'Upload' button, select your photo from your device, and click 'Use file'. 

We provide services to clients who are 18 years of age or older. For age verification purposes, we require all clients to create an online account and to upload a photo of their non-expired State-issued Driver's license on their e-sign contract issued to them via email on the day of service.

Overall, we require clients to create an account to book our services due for age verification purposes.

Yes, all clients are required to be 18 years of age or older in order to receive our services.

If you are experiencing any issues while booking a service, please contact us so we may better assist you.

If you do not see a 'Book Now' button on an individual service page it is because we do not currently have open availability for that service.

If you would like to receive updates regarding service availability, please subscribe to our channel. Otherwise, please check back often :)

Laurel Beauty LLC is conveniently located on the northeast block of Harper Ave and Vernier Road just past Taco Bell. We are located in the same building as A Replenishing Day Spa.

Our address is 20768 Harper Ave, Harper Woods, MI 48225. Our location information is located at the bottom of every page on our website. Simply click on our address to be instantly routed to our facility through Google Maps.

We have parking for all of our clients. Our parking lot is located on the North side of our building. When you pull in, it is located just past the main entrance on the right.

For licensing information, please click on any of the links below.

View our Body Art Facility License.

View our Limited Cosmetology Establishment License.

View our Esthetician License.

At Laurel Beauty, we focus on amplifying your natural beauty. We believe in delivering services, products and techniques that are simple, gentle and nourishing. We aim to bring out your eloquent appeal to bring out your best attributes.

We are dedicated to providing clients with reliable services and a relaxing environment by using top-of-the-line products and equipment to facilitate our needs. We always go above-and-beyond for our clients and we are dedicated to providing high quality services and experiences. 


We make health and safety our first priority. We care for our clients and their level of comfort is very important to us. Therefore, we continue to find ways to help our clients feel comfortable during their visit. What they say matters to us and we strive to implement suggestions that will strengthen the fulfillment of our clients' needs. We maintain an undeniable level of respect and professionalism for everyone with whom we come into contact.

Please visit the link below to purchase a Gift Certificate for our services.

Please note: to use a gift certificate, the receiving party must create an account on our website. They must be 18+ years of age to receive our services.

You may purchase a Gift Certificate here.

Microblading serves the needs of a vast audience. It is for those who have no eyebrows, for those who have very thin eyebrows, for those who desire to have their eyebrows re-shaped, or even for those who just want eyebrows with minimal daily maintenance. Sign up for our free Microblade Consultation so we can help you determine what Microblading can do for you!

We focus on providing clients with natural-looking eyebrows that are customized to their face. Our Professional Artist is very detail-oriented and she has a high level of skill in shaping eyebrows that are contoured to match your face shape and your preferred look.

Prior to scheduling a microblade appointment, all clients are required to schedule a Microblade Consultation with us. Once completed and approved, they can proceed to schedule a Microblade Session I & II. Once Session I is completed, we will email a link to book their Session II appointment, whose fee is included in the Microblade Session I & II service charge.

After completing Session II, clients need regular touchups every 6-12 months, dependent on their skin type and preference. We offer our Microblade Maintenance service just for that! Please note: only clients who have completed a Microblade Session I & II with us in the past 12 months are eligible for our Microblade Maintenance service.

Microblading is a permanent procedure, but does require touch-ups every 6-12 months. Our Microblade Maintenance service is just for that!

Any client who has had their eyebrows microbladed by Laurel Beauty LLC in the past 12 months is eligible to schedule this appointment with us.

We only use the best product lines in the industry.

We use premium Dermalogica products for all of our facial services.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

We use premium GiGi wax products for all of its waxing services.

We incorporate GiGi's entire waxing product line so that all of our clients receive a formal 7-step waxing service.

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Effective as of 05/05/2022:


All deposits for LAUREL BEAUTY LLC services are non-refundable. Actual deposit amounts: may vary from service to service, may change at any time, and are under the exclusive discretion of LAUREL BEAUTY LLC. Deposits may be eligible for a one-time transfer, given we are notified 72 hours or more in advance of the scheduled appointment time. Clients that are late to their scheduled appointment by 15 minutes or more will result in automatic cancellation of their scheduled appointment. All Cancellation Requests must be submitted to us in writing through the same online LAUREL BEAUTY LLC account used to book the intended appointment to be cancelled in order to qualify for a single-use deposit waiver. 


If a Cancellation Request meets the above criteria, a single-use deposit waiver will be posted to the same LAUREL BEAUTY LLC user account in which the Cancellation Request was received for an amount equal to the initial deposit amount. Single-use deposit waivers are eligible to be used to schedule an identical service for which it was initially issued. New appointments must be booked through the same LAUREL BEAUTY LLC user account that was issued the single-use deposit waiver by selecting an available time slot using LAUREL BEAUTY LLC's online booking portal.  The single-use deposit waiver will automatically be applied at checkout to satisfy the deposit requirement. LAUREL BEAUTY LLC cannot guarantee time slot availability as all appointments are on a first-come, first-serve basis . Please send a request through your LAUREL BEAUTY LLC user account if you are having trouble finding appointment availability when attempting to apply your single-use deposit waiver. Single-use deposit waivers have an expiration of 6 months following their issuance, are not renewable, and are not transferrable to any other LAUREL BEAUTY LLC user account(s).


Any Cancellation Request that does not meet LAUREL BEAUTY LLC's stated cancellation guidelines will result in automatic forfeiture of the full deposit amount. Cancellation Requests received for appointments scheduled using a single-use deposit waiver will also result in automatic forfeiture of the full deposit amount. In these cases, you will be required to place the required non-refundable deposit amount to book a new appointment. 


LAUREL BEAUTY LLC reserves the to cancel a scheduled appointment at any time for any reason. If an appointment is cancelled on the behalf of LAUREL BEAUTY LLC, we will notify the affected client(s) by email immediately, presenting them with rescheduling options to accomodate those clients to the best of our ability.


No exceptions to this Cancellation Policy will be made for any party. Every person is treated equal. LAUREL BEAUTY LLC reserves the right to change this Cancellation Policy at any time. Upon booking an appointment with LAUREL BEAUTY LLC, you are agreeing to this Cancellation Policy in full. 

You may view our Privacy Policy here.

You may view our Service Terms and Conditions here.

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